Friday, November 15, 2013

Positive Statewide Trends for Florida 4-H


More than 220,000 youth participate in the IFAS Extension 4-H Youth Development Program in counties throughout the state.  

Here are some notable, positive trends during the most recent reporting year for Florida 4-H (2012-13 data):

·        There were increases in 4-H club membership, camping, school enrichment, and after school programs:
4-H club enrollment increased 15 percent to 22,088 (from 19,158 last year) and the number of 4-H clubs increased by three percent.

Participation in 4-H camps increased 32 percent to 12,045 (from 9,141 last year).

Youth participated in 9,162 more 4-H projects than last year, an increase of three percent.

·        Number of 4-H volunteers (both youth and adults) increased 25 percent to 19,096 this year (from 15,244 last year).

·        Total 4-H enrollment remained fairly steady (222,942 youth participated; 229,723 including duplicates due to youth participating in multiple delivery modes such as clubs and camps).

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