Tuesday, November 12, 2013

4-H teens take on health solutions for a healthier America

4-H teens take on health solutions for a healthier America
“Given today’s health challenges, it is vital that we empower America’s youth to step up and take on real life challenges like obesity, teen pregnancy, underage drinking and local food deserts,” said Donald T. Floyd, Jr., president and CEO, National 4-H Council. “We are grateful to Molina Healthcare for partnering with 4-H to give young people a platform to engage other youth and adults to create real-life solutions that improve health for themselves, their family, community and ultimately, the nation,” added Floyd.
The video challenge is one component of a multi-faceted campaign co-created by National 4-H Council and Molina Healthcare to empower American teens to step forward and raise their voices, posing solutions to today’s leading health issues. In the coming months, 4-H programs across the nation will be hosting Teens Take on Health town hall meetings, bringing young people together to discuss the top health issues they face and propose active solutions they can undertake to make a positive difference in their communities.
“Molina Healthcare is committed to improving the health of the communities we serve,” said Martha Bernadett, MD, executive vice president of research and innovation at Molina Healthcare, Inc. “We need to engage our young leaders if we want to make meaningful change, and this partnership with 4-H has given some of our brightest teens a platform to share their ideas and also the resources to implement them.”

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