Monday, August 6, 2012

UF Hosts the 4-H Fashion and Talent Show For High School Students

Project Runway designers, it looks like you may have some competition!
Last night, high school students from all over the country came and competed in an intense fashion and talent show hosted by 4-H.
Held in the Grand Ballroom of the Reitz Union at the University of Florida, the show, “Share the Fun and Fashion Review” showcased the talented and creative work of  25 to 30 high school students who designed and created outfits from scratch and with a budget.
There were two categories of the fashion show: shopping on a budget (students had only $100 or less to create an outfit head to toe and were encouraged to find pieces from thrift stores) and construction (students had to design and create their outfits from scratch).
Before the talent show, students had to learn skills that would help them for the competition, says Shaumond Scott, Florida 4-H communications coordinator.
“Students had to learn how to sew, how to use patterns and durability,” says Scott.
The talent portion of the show featured acts such as a piano dance and skits.
First, second, third and overall winners were awarded at the end of the show. Tonight, additional scholarships will be awarded during the Awards and Recognition ceremony.
Although the designs seen in the show may be new, 4-H has been hosting the fashion and talent show for students for more almost half a decade, says Scott. “We’ve been doing this for a pretty long time–at least 40 years–bringing students from all over the country to teach and show their skills.”
-SK (Photos by Rodney Rogers)

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